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PUK concerned over US withdraw from Syria, Kurdish areas

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) expressed concern over the US decision to withdraw from Kurdish areas in Syria, calling on the US administration to reconsider the decision.

Saadi Bireh, a spokesman for the PUK, said in a press statement, "The party is following with concern the regrettable news and developments over the backdrop of the US decision to withdraw from Syria, specifically from the Kurdish areas, which for years has been a platform for the international coalition’s war efforts against terrorism in Syria."

"The US withdrawal comes at a time when ISIS continues to pose a threat to the entire region," he said.

"The impact of this decision will be negatively reflected on the overall efforts of a peaceful political solution and the end of bloodshed in Syria, as well as the attempts to establish a political and constitutional process that includes the different shades of the Syrian spectrum, which contributes to strengthening regional and international security and stability," he added.

He called on the US to reconsider its decision to withdraw, as it should continue the war and increase efforts for a political settlement to the crisis.