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Mezmaah reveals terrifying statistics on AIDS in Iran


Covering up problems and hiding them would become an exacerbating factor for these problems, which would only worsen the situation and threaten the societies. Thus, there must be voices that warn of a disaster that cannot be concealed any more, simply because it becomes a threat for everyone and will put them all at risk, Al-Mezmaah Studies and Research Center said.

This is exactly what Iranian officials are doing with regards to the problem of the spread of AIDS, its outbreaks in communities and the increase in the methods of its transmission. The government has continued to conceal the real numbers for those who are positive with AIDS in Iran, until the moment it was impossible to hide this fact due to the steady rise of numbers for those who hold the deadly virus. The divergence of its transmission methods among citizens and the inability to face its many causes all led to an increase in the number of patients who are unaware that they are carrying this virus, which means an incapacity to adjust and control it.

News reports revealed the huge increase of AIDS cases in Iranian societies, reaching an unprecedented level, adding about 2,000 infected people annually to the hundreds of thousands of people already suffering from it, estimated at 300,000 patients, according to Mezmaah. This means that the number of people infected with AIDS in Iran in the coming years will reach almost half a million.

The number of people infected with AIDS in Iran, according to official reports, amounts to about 100,000 cases, while those registered in health centers are only 30,000 cases, which means that 70,000 people infected with AIDS are unknown and that one in every 800 Iranians is infected with AIDS.

The official figures do not include all people living with HIV/AIDS in Iran, as experts' reports confirm that there are twice as many people due to many who are unregistered as they refuse to disclose their serious illness.

The cost of treating an AIDS patient in Iran is about $16,000 a year, meaning that Iran spends about $10 billion a year on HIV/AIDS, but to no avail, with reports that the number of people infected with this deadly virus is increasing rapidly in the country.

There are many methods to spread and transmit the virus from one person to another, most prominently sexual intercourse and drug injections. These two methods are widespread in Iran, as drug addiction is spreading among about 3 million people, while prostitution has spread in an unprecedented way for financial reasons due to the severity of poverty.

Experts and specialists confirm that the number of people infected with HIV/AIDS in Iran is much higher than the official figures declared and is constantly growing because of the widespread use of marijuana, which drives abusers to have sex without taking precautions against the transmission of HIV.

About 100 children are born every year with AIDS in Iran because of an infected parent, while 4 percent of street children have HIV/AIDS and are constantly exposed to sexual violence.

Ten years ago, the rate of transmission of HIV through intercourse was 15 percent, but it has doubled today, as sex has become a factor for transferring the virus by about 35 percent.


Last Modified: Thursday، 20 December 2018 12:15 AM