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Breaking: Saairun Alliance boycotts parliament's voting on cabinet

Saairun Alliance

Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, led by Saairun Alliance, boycott the parliament’s vote on the remaining ministerial portfolios on Tuesday.


Saairun MP Gamal Fakher hinted earlier Tuesday that his alliance has decided to boycott the session, in case Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi insisted on the same mistakes of the former cabinet formation proposition, especially the nominees of the interior and defense ministries.

Fakher called on Abdul Mahdi to commit to the standards all political blocs agreed on, and choose his ministers based on their integrity and independence.


The House of Representatives is set vote on the eight remaining ministerial portfolios in Tuesday’s session, to end the conflict between political powers over Abdul Mahdi’s nominations for interior and defense ministries.

Fatah Alliance MP Amer Fayez stated that meetings and negotiations, conducted in the past few days, settled the miniseries of higher education, education and planning, noting that, there is still a dispute over other miniseries.

He added that "the names of candidates that will be put to the vote are the same who were previously presented, and has not changed so far.

Former IMIS commander Faleh al-Fayadh, Abdul Mahdi's choice for the interior post, is viewed as extremely controversial due to his crimes and his connections to the Iranian regime. While Iranian-backed political blocs are pushing for Fayadh's appointment, he has been rejected by popular Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and his Saairun Alliance.