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Iraq's losses from corrupt contracts equals budget for 3-4 yrs: MP

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Iraq's parliamentary security and defense committee estimated the losses of Iraq from the corrupt contracts of American and Western weapons and equipment as equivalent to the budget of Iraq for three to four years. The committee asserted its attempt to bring those involved to justice through Interpol.

Committee member Abbas Ismaili said that the security and defense committee will review all armament contracts that were signed with the US and Western countries during the consecutive Iraqi governments after 2003, adding that the losses of Iraq from those contracts is equivalent to the budget of Iraq for three or four years, or possibly more.

Ismaili pointed out that the majority of the budgets of Iraq in previous years went to the armament contracts, explaining that those involved in these deals currently reside in the US, Europe and neighboring countries.

He said that the committee, through communication with the regulatory authorities, is following up on those involved and working on bringing them to Iraq to be held accountable by the Iraqi judiciary.


Last Modified: Monday، 17 December 2018 11:08 PM