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Endeavors to achieve partisan gains lead to Basra protests: MP

basra prot
Basra protests

Deputy for Basra, Abdul Amir Najm, assured on Monday that the current situation in Basra is caused by political struggles to achieve partisan gains and financial benefits.

He assured that protests Basra witnessed were mainly protests against the attitude adopted by the local government following the selection of an alternate governor and a council chairman.

“The problem of Basra will not be solved by assigning new governor, but with exerting efforts to achieve service projects that directly affect the citizens in Basra,” Najm added.

Prime Minister Adil Abdel-Mahdi affirmed Monday that the governorate of Basra has suffered wars, lack of services and water contamination despite of being a top oil producer.

A statement by Mahdi’s office said a national security meeting was held on Monday to discuss and find the necessary solutions for the crises that hit Basra.

The statement further stressed the significance of collaborating efforts and considering the demands of Basra citizens to improve the conditions of the governorate and preserve the rights of its residents.

Protests in Basra in southern Iraq has continued in front of the building of the province's office. Protestors have demanded the removal of the governor of Basra and the dissolution of the provincial council.

On Friday, riot police arrived at the headquarters for the provincial council to disperse the demonstrators in front of the building's gate who prevented the exit of members of the Council. The demonstrators protested against corruption and demanded jobs and better public services.

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