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Iraqi MP calls for protests against corrupts in political process


MP Yousef al-Kalabi, member of Nasr Alliance, on Sunday called for a popular stance against parties and corrupts in the political process, stressing that the future, if the situation continued, will not bring good to the Iraqis.

Kalabi addressed the people of Iraq on his Facebook page saying "after I became a member of the Iraqi parliament through your votes, I have to be clear and frank with you in everything I see and hear [concerning] a lame and blind political process."

"You can never imagine that the [future] is better; the budget is unable to fill the specter of unemployment, and oil," Kalabi stated, saying that oil has been sold in "corrupt licensing rounds."

He went on to say "there is no strategy to promote education or agriculture or industry," adding that the parties only fear Iraqi people's demonstrations that he says "shook them and will shake them."


Last Modified: Monday، 17 December 2018 02:03 AM