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New Basra uprising reveals corrupt Shiite rule: observers

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The new uprising in Basra province about three months after the end of the first wave of protests expose the corrupt Shiite rule in Iraq, observers said.

They said it was a great shame for Iraq that people of Basra would go out all these weeks to call for clean water, services, electricity and jobs.

The people of Basra has demonstrated, called for the provision of public services to the province, and protested against corruption. Some of them surrounded the headquarters of the provincial council, before security persons dispersed them.

About 250 people surrounded a building that temporarily houses the provincial council to protest corruption, demand jobs and improve public services. Protesters threw riot police vehicles.

Bullets, teargas

Security forces on the other hand dispersed angry protesters on Friday using gun shots and tear gas as riot police were deployed to contain the scene.

A source said in press remarks that security personnel had to act against protesters after they blocked all the roads leading to the governorate council.

The security forces could then reopened all closed roads near the headquarters for the provincial council after the demonstrators withdrew, a security source said.

No injuries were reported during the dispersal of Friday's protests. Basra protests erupted in July over poor government services but intensified in September before diminishing in recent months.

On December 3, Basra witnessed protests in front of the residence of Fouad Hussein, the Minister of Finance of Adil Abdul Mahdi's government to perpetuate contracts for workers in various departments of the state.

Protestors wearing yellow jackets tried to storm the hotel during the press conference of the finance minister, but were unable to do so because of the security protecting the minister.

500 billion dinars

For his part, Basra MP Abdul Amir Najm, revealed that opening the door of nomination for the post of governor is for the purpose of defrauding 500 billion dinars that were allocated to complete the establishment of desalination plants.

Najm said in a press statement that the Wisdom Movement's (Hikma) Hameed Maala al-Saadi entered Basra for three days and left, just before the nomination decision was announced.

He added that such decisions confirm that the perpetrator is from outside Basra and for political purposes.



The Basra provincial council announced earlier that the number of candidates for the post of governor increased to as many as 27 candidates.

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