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Using violence against protestors unacceptable: Basra MP

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Basra MP Oday Awad said on Sunday there are legal ways through which committers of legal violations can be punished, adding that it is unacceptable to beat or insult citizens.

Awad called on Basra's commander of operations to open an urgent investigation into an incident that has been circulated across social media of an attack on a citizen in Basra's al-Qibla area.

The MP said that all legal measures will be taken to hold accountable those who attack any innocent citizen, adding that such violations against humanity will not be allowed. "We will give the commander of the operations time to reveal the details of the incident," Awad stated.


President Barham Salih warned on Saturday against the escalation of Basra’s “alarming” protests, calling to reach legal solutions to meet the demands of people.

The Head of Irada Movement (Will), MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, called on Saturday Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, to quickly step in to control the recent escalations in Basra governorate, following the protests that erupted on Friday.

Last Modified: Sunday، 16 December 2018 11:05 PM