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Fayadh's nomination for interior ministry not Iraqi decision, Saairun

PMU leader Faleh al-Fayadh

Insistence to nominate Faleh al-Fayadh for the interior minister post indicates that the decision is not Iraqi, it comes from outer powers, MP of Saairun Alliance stated Sunday.

“This insistence indicates that the decision comes beyond our borders; that’s why we will never let Fayadh to be the next interior minister,” MP Rami al-Sakini said, asserting his alliance’s insistence that the government should be formed upon Iraqi decision.

Most of political blocs objected to the nomination of PMU leader Faleh al-Fayadh as the new minister of interior, refusing to put a pro-Tehran person on top of the interior ministry, since al-Fayadh's alliance “al-Binna'a” is a pro-Iran.

Saairun Alliance has also expressed its opposition to the nomination of Fayadh as the minister of interior affairs.



Soleimani visits Iraq to pressure appointment of Fayadh: Nasr Alliance

The Iraqi Nasr Alliance said that Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, visited the Iraqi capital Baghdad Tuesday. The alliance explained that Soleimani's visit came to pressure politicians to appoint Faleh al-Fayadh as Iraq's interior minister. Soleimani was met by Mahdi al-Someidaie, an Iraqi cleric, local sources said.