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Disagreements, suspicious deals cause chaos in municipals: MP

Iraqi Parliament member Muthanna Al-Samarraie said the current divisions and disagreements in provincial councils, which result a constant change in the positions of governors, their deputies, and senior officials, negatively affect the situation in the country.

Al-Samarraie further pointed out that these changes in positions take place as a result of suspicious agreements and deals between political alliances and powers to achieve certain agendas and personal gains, regardless of the interests of the governorates.

He also pointed out that the chaos that follows these disagreements and suspicious deals will lead to freezing the operation of these councils and subjecting them under the supervision of the Parliament until new municipal elections are organized.

Al-Samarraie stressed that such crises in Iraq must be tuned down and resolved, calling upon all active political powers and parties in Iraq to exert the necessary efforts to regain stability in municipals and governorates until the anticipated elections take place.