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Int'l conference held in support of uprising against Iranian regime

Iran opposition conference 2

An international conference of Iranian communities was held via satellite and internet on Saturday to announce solidarity of expatriate Iranian communities with the popular uprising in Iran.

Iranians abroad expressed their support for those participating in the uprising with the aim of toppling the regime of Tehran, demanding firm action against the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities.

The organizers of the conference stressed that the Iranian regime is currently at its worst internally and externally, adding that the circumstances have never been as favorable to overthrow the regime as now.

They pointed out that the international isolation and the current global pressure against the Iranian regime is the result of the balance of power between the Iranian people and their organized resistance on the one hand, and the Tehran regime on the other.

The organizers stressed that despite the fact that the Iranian people are suffering from repression in the form of arrests and extrajudicial killings, they are determined to spread the demonstrations throughout the country.

The conference participants in Paris called for an end to Iran's terrorism and submitting Tehran to the international justice system. They raised banners supporting the popular uprising and demanded that the terror of the Iranian regime be confronted and held accountable internationally.

According to a report by the Iranian opposition People's Mujahideen Organization, at least 911 protest movements took place in 171 cities across Iran in November.

Large-scale protests by workers and farmers, as well as other groups of Iranians, continue. Organizers have noted that workers' protests against the regime are unprecedented in Iran's history.

The conference was held in dozens of cities throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States, with a number of political figures supporting the Iranian resistance speaking at various venues.