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Basra protests reach home of provincial council head Kitan

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Clashes broke out between protestors and riot police in central Basra on Saturday, resulting in a mosque being burned near the home of provincial council head Waleed Kitan.

Demonstrations in Basra were renewed on Saturday, with protestors marching towards the homes of officials in the center of the province, including Waleed Kitan, the head of the Basra Provincial Council.

A number of demonstrators arrived on the outskirts of Kitan’s house before clashes erupted between them and riot police, who proceeded to use tear gas, according to sources.

The sources added that a mosque in the vicinity of Kitan’s house was also burned, although it was not immediately clear who was responsible.

On Friday, dozens of Basra residents had demonstrated in front of the provincial council building, which came in conjunction with an attempt to hold an extraordinary session to elect a new governor to replace Assad al-Eidani as well as a new council president.

Dozens of demonstrators laid siege to the provincial council building and prevented council members from leaving. Riot police later arrived to break up the demonstrators using tear gas, and they also facilitated the exit of council members in military vehicles.

The demonstrators demanded for corrupt politicians not to be elected, and they refused the election of a governor from the National Wisdom Movement. They also demanded the provision of basic services.