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Yellow Vest protests spread to UK, protesters block Westminster Bridge


Protests similar to the demonstrations witnessed in France by a “Yellow Vest” group over recent weeks spread to the UK as dozens of Yellow Vest protestors swarmed major bridges across London on Friday.

The group of yellow vest protesters, believed to be pro-Brexit, completely blocked Westminster Bridge.

Two of the protesters were seen unfurling a Union Jack flag on the Bridge, according to British media outlets.

The group also moved down the river and blocked traffic at Tower Bridge, causing havoc in the capital.

Online footages of the protests showed protesters chanting, "What do we want? Brexit.

"When do we want it? Now!"

It is believed the group contains around 60 protesters.

News reported that the protests have also drifted eastwards and caused further havoc on Tower Bridge.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said they were aware of the protest and added there were not any arrests.

The "yellow vest" protests erupted in France in November after nearly 300,000 demonstrators nationwide took to the streets to denounce high living costs and a fuel tax.