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Salih warns of Basra "alarming" protests escalation

Iraq's President, Barham Salih

President Barham Salih warned on Saturday against the escalation of Basra’s “alarming” protests, calling to reach legal solutions to meet the demands of people.


During his speech at the Benaa Coalition ceremony on the occasion of Iraq’s victory over ISIS, Salih stated that "the political stalemate that hinders the completion of cabinet formation should not be underestimated and can only be resolved through good understanding," pointing out that "the political movement drains more of our energies and our efforts."


He added that, “escalations in Basra are alarming and we must use constitutional and legal solutions to serve our people,” wondering about the government ability to provide services amid being overwhelmed by solving trivial conflicts.


Moreover, head of Irada Movement (Will), MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, called on Saturday Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, to quickly step in to control the recent escalations in Basra governorate, following the protests that erupted on Friday.

“When will political blocs realize that working to satisfy people in Basrais more important than struggling for the post of governor."

She added, “This is a call to the prime minister to intervene urgently and decisively to solve the Crisis and prevent the burning of Basraagain.”

The security forces reopened all closed roads near the headquarters for the provincial council in the center of the province after the demonstrators withdrew, a security source said on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, riot police arrived at the building to disperse the demonstrators in front of the building's gate who prevented the exit of members of the Council. The demonstrators protested against corruption and demanded jobs and better public services.

No injuries were reported during the dispersal of Friday's protests. Basra protests erupted in July over poor government services but intensified in September before diminishing in recent months.

Protests in Basra began in June over the state of deteriorating public services, including contaminated drinking water.

Last Modified: Saturday، 15 December 2018 03:30 PM