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Riot police deployed, angry protesters dispersed with tear gas in Basra

Security forces near the Basra Governorate Council Building on Friday dispersed angry protesters using gun shots and tear gas as riot police were deployed to contain the scene.

A source said in press remarks that security personnel had to act against protesters after they blocked all the roads leading to the governorate council.

He further stressed that protesters are still objecting the Muhassasa system that allows leaders of different ethnic backgrounds to take various roles in the government, including some key ministries, regardless of the expertise and skills required for the positions.

Al-Binaa Alliance (construction) has been insisting on applying the Muhassasa system, moreover, it nominated a sole candidate to the Ministry of Defense, namely Falih Alfayyadh, head of the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS).

Protests in Basra began in June over the state of deteriorating public services, including contaminated drinking water.

Iraqi citizens continued demonstrating the deteriorating living conditions donned high visibility jackets in the city of Basra, inspired by the French “Yellow Vests” uprising in Paris.

Furthermore, protesters have granted Basra officials and the government 15 minutes before escalating the demonstrations. Citizens have been demonstrating against the rising rates of poverty and unemployment and demanding better services and clean water to drink.