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Iraq requests international support to face effects of climate change

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Iraq on Friday called for international support to face the challenging effects of climate change and to finance "mitigation and adaptation" measures.

Kamran Ali Hassan, the administrative and financial agent in the Ministry of Health and Environment, said in a press statement Friday that "an Iraqi delegation participated during the meetings of the COP24 Convention on Climate Change held in the Polish city of Katowice," noting that "the Iraqi delegation called for international support to meet the challenges of climate change."

He added that "Iraq is one of the countries of the world affected by climate change and is among the five most vulnerable," noting "the impact of the subject of economic, social and health effects on Iraqi society."

Hassan explained that the delegation "called for funding to carry out mitigation and adaptation measures and to help Iraq to implement the requirements of the implementation of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change and support the Iraqi society in all sectors."