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Political reasons behind suicides in Iraq: sociologists


There are many new negative phenomena that have spread in the Iraqi society following the US occupation in 2003, due to the spread of violence, the deterioration of the economic situation and the spread of unemployment, in addition to the disintegration of social ties and drug trafficking, which was completely non-existent in Iraq before the US occupation.

Suicide phenomenon

Among the most serious of these emergent phenomena is the spread of suicide among young people of both genders, in violation of all the well-known social norms in Iraqi society and the prevailing religious values.

The Iraq High Commission for Human Rights realized the seriousness of the issue and confirmed that suicide in Iraq turned from an issue to a phenomenon that exists in all Iraqi provinces.

The IHCHR said it had registered more than 3,000 suicide cases over the past three years due to economic, social and psychological reasons, as well as cases of family disintegration.

The IHCHR ranked Dhi Qar as first among Iraqi provinces in terms of suicide cases, where 220 cases of suicide were recorded in just one year. Many cases are also hidden or unrecorded for known social reasons.

Main cause

Sociologists stressed that political reasons were the main causes for suicide, adding that these political reasons have created the other causes, including economic problems.

Suicides, according to experts, are attributed to the great frustration experienced by the Iraqi youth in light of the continuing differences and partisan conflicts that have negatively affected the situation in the country.

An Iraqi citizen said that one of the reasons for the increase in suicides in the province of Basra is the spread of drugs in the southern and central provinces, asserting that local governments know of such activity, promote it, and trade drugs.

The political parties encourage and promote drugs, because they have a percentage of profits and the members of these parties are drug dealers, another citizen said.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 12 December 2018 01:06 AM