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400,000 families inhabiting slums in Iraq: IHCHR


The slums in Iraq are a frightening reality that can result in a major disaster threatening the society. They are like bombs that can suddenly explode in various Iraqi provinces.

The slums are a very complex phenomenon, warning of a major explosion threatening the whole society. There is a need for a national consensus in the parliament in order to pass a law that contributes to solving this problem. Solutions can include building housing complexes that preserve the dignity of Iraqis and provide them with appropriate services instead of leaving them living in slums.

Serious report

The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights has announced the deterioration of the human rights situation in Iraq, noting that 400,000 families are living in slums.

The human rights situation in Iraq is not good, and it has been deteriorating for years because of the serious incidents that have taken place in the country, which contributed to violations of economic, social, cultural and even political and civil rights, the IHCHR said in a statement.

Housed in slums

The IHCHR said thousands of families inhabit slums, according to the latest statistics, as the provinces that had been plagued by terrorism have not yet been reconstructed.

More than 300,000 displaced families live in camps, the IHCHR said, adding that there are still 2 million migrants and over 2 million unemployed men and women in the country.

Unfinished schools

The IHCHR pointed out that education is not up to the required level, adding that there are still more than 2,177 uncompleted schools and 200,000 students who dropped out of school.

The commission asserted that many women are still abused and many girls are still denied education in Iraq even after 70 years have passed since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was announced.

Frightening reality

Government default in Iraq has created more than 300 random housing areas in Baghdad.

For her part, Diyala MP Nahida al-Daini said that 10 percent of the population of the province inhabits slums, noting that this phenomenon warns of a large explosion that threatens the community as a whole.

In an interview with The Baghdad Post, Daini said that Diyala went through very difficult conditions after 2003, accompanied by a security collapse, which led to the emergence of slums that have become a haven for the displaced and the poor from various districts.

The shocking reality in Diyala, which many people overlook, is that slum dwellers in the province make up hundreds of thousands, which shows the size of the problem that represents a humanitarian crisis and affirms the government's failure in treating the society's problems.

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