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Nuclear agreement with Iran incomplete: Linkevicius


The foreign ministers of EU member states called for the need to strengthen their current stances towards Iran and Russia in light of recent developments in the two cases.

A number of ministers, speaking on the sidelines of their regular meeting in Brussels, stressed the need to consider moving forward with tougher measures against Moscow due to its interference in the Azov Sea and hindering the freedom of Ukrainian navigation in the region, reported Italian AKI news agency.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Renders reiterated that the EU countries would not accept more Russian hegemony on the eastern side of the EU, saying that strong pressure should be exerted on Moscow to ensure freedom of navigation in the Azov Sea.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius said he did not expect decisions to be made immediately, but the issue must remain on the table.

Concerning Iran, Linkevicius said that the nuclear agreement signed between the parties of the international community and Tehran is incomplete and does not address all topics such as Iran's destructive role in the region and its ballistic missiles.

The European ministers called on the institutions of the EU to work to raise all the topics of concern regarding the actions of Iran, especially the involvement of its intelligence services in attacks on European soil.

There are indications of further measures against Tehran despite recognition of its obligations under the nuclear file.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 11 December 2018 10:45 PM