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Iran moves to control oil in eastern Syria

IRGC mercenaries in Syria

Iran is strengthening its presence in the Syrian arena and all attempts to get them out have so far failed, observers have noted.

Observers warned of the aggressive agenda carried out by Iran's militias in Syria, as the mullah regime seeks to create a Shiite crescent while also setting its eyes on the region’s oil fields.

This comes as activists in eastern Syria have reported the mobilization of Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces and Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), in conjunction with the battles being carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces against the last ISIS stronghold in the area.

Revolutionary Guards

Iran has deployed Revolutionary Guards in eastern Syria, where they erected joint barriers with the IMIS in villages near the Iraqi border. The Iranian move coincides with battles waged by the coalition against ISIS, with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Last month, the Syrian Democratic Forces spoke of Iranian reinforcements who had reached the countryside of Deir ez-Zor as a step toward the oil fields in eastern Syria. Tehran has already beefed up its deployment east of Deir ez-Zor after it was seized by regime forces last year.

Hajin is the last stronghold of ISIS in the eastern suburb of Deir ez-Zor along the Iraqi border. The coalition estimates there are about 2,000 extremists in the enclave, mostly foreigners and Arabs.

The new moves reveal a race between Iran and the Kurdish factions in this region. For Iran, it is a strategic area, being the gateway to the Syrian-Iraqi border and a route from Tehran to the Mediterranean.

According to sources, "Iranian militias went to east of the Euphrates in preparation for an attack on the oil fields controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces," adding that the Iranian-backed Syrian regime has not announced the arrival of any troops in the area.

The problem, in the opinion of many, is that Tehran will not back down from its devastating project in Damascus with the presence of the Iranian militias doing the regime’s bidding.