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French PM: 480 people detained during yellow vests protests in Paris

"Yellow vest" movement shows no signs of losing steam
French law enforcement bodies have detained 481 people in Paris during the ongoing yellow vests protests against rising fuel prices, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Saturday.

"We have already detained 481 people in Paris, of whom 211 people have been placed under arrest," Sputnik news agency quoted Philippe as saying.

Prior to the official's announcement, France's BFMTV reported that 354 people had been detained, out of whom 127 had been placed under arrest.

Earlier in the week, the French government stated that it is abandoning the planned tax hike, which triggered demonstrations. However, it has not resulted in protests cancellation.

The "yellow vests" protests, named after the obligatory attribute of French drivers, a yellow light-reflective vest, have been held in France since November 17. 

Last Saturday, over 100,000 people took part in demonstrations in Paris, with mass actions on the Champs Elysees having resulted in violent unrest.