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Is Abdul Mahdi losing confidence over gov't formation?


For the second time in a week, Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi failed to pass his candidates for the remaining eight ministries of his government. In both times the parliament was unable to vote on the candidates due to the withdrawal of some blocs from the session and thus the disruption of the quorum.

The reason why the blocs withdrew in the two times is the insistence of Abdul Mahdi to nominate Faleh al-Fayadh and the instance of the blocs on rejecting him. Saairun, supported by Muqtada al-Sadr, and Fatah Alliance, headed by Hadi al-Amiri, have been the main parties disputing both times.

For over six months since the end of the elections last May, the country has waited for the parliamentary session held on Tuesday. However, the parliament session has witnessed all kinds of confrontations including verbal quarrels, accusations and even insults.

Attempts by Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi and Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi have failed to calm things down and create an conducive atmosphere for a vote.

Kurdish Democratic Party MP Diar Barawri described what happened in the parliament session as a style that was closer to violence, imposition of wills and attacks on the presidency of the parliament than democracy.

"This showed that democracy [in Iraq] needs more time to mature more," he stated.

Barawri not only criticized the incidents of the session, but also said in a statement that the political blocs are now facing two options, either to withdraw confidence from Abdul Mahdi or give him the real and complete freedom to select his candidates for the ministries.

The Kurdish MP is well aware that the blocs will not give Abdul Mahdi this kind of freedom, so the option of withdrawing the confidence seems closer.

Sunni MP Raad al-Dahlaki called on Abdul Mahdi to realize the seriousness of what he is doing by insisting on his candidates. The Prime Minister has to choose independent candidates to suit the government's program and also to solve the crisis that can "overthrow his government," Dahlaki said.

Abdul Mahdi has been aware of it and said that some people think they can push him to resign by exerting pressure, adding that these people are totally mistaken.

However, it seems that he began to seek gaining more time in order to calm things down and reach consensus between the blocs to pass his candidates.

Saairun MP Badr al-Zaidi said that the prime minister expressed his willingness to replace some candidates in order to pass the remaining ministries in the parliament, adding that voting cannot take place without changing these candidates.


Last Modified: Friday، 07 December 2018 11:34 PM