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Gov't may be completed Sunday: Saairun MP


Saairun Alliance MP Ghayeb al-Omairi said Friday that the government may be completed in parliament's Sunday session, after the replacement of candidates who have been rejected by the political blocs.

Omairi affirmed the importance of the security ministries, namely defense and interior, adding that competent and experienced persons should be chosen carefully to head these two ministries in the current stage.

Omairi said that Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi and the 14 ministries previously confirmed came in accordance with understanding and consensus, pointing out that the objection that took place last Tuesday was constitutional and legal.

"Our objection in Tuesday's session was constitutional and legal, not chaotic as some are trying to portray the scene," Omairi stated.

The blocs affiliated with the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, including Saairun, boycotted the parliamentary session on November 4, which was held to complete the vote on the candidates of the eight remaining ministries in Abdul Mahdi's government.


Last Modified: Friday، 07 December 2018 08:46 PM