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Inability to complete cabinet lineup led to Hajami murder: Sayirun's Al-Zamli

Hakim al-Zamli, member of the Sayirun coalition
Hakim al-Zamli, a member of the Sayirun coalition led by influential cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, said Iraq’s “incomplete” cabinet led to the murder of Saraya Al Salam (The Peace Companies) commander Hussein Al Hajami and the spread of “organized crime.”

Al-Zamli further suggested that these assassinations aim at shaking down Saraya Al Salam Brigades that played a significant role in the war against ISIS.

He added that the body behind these assassinations and crimes is still unknown, however, he said failure to complete the cabinet lineup will lead to an increase in organized crimes rates.

Moreover, he criticized how political parties and coalitions are still focused on their own gains and interests regardless of what is best for the citizens of Iraq, warning against local and foreign pressures that keep nominating names for Prime Minister Adil Abdel-Mahdi.

Al-Zamli pointed out that there was an agreement between Muqtada al-Sadr and Iranian-backed militia chief Hadi Al Amiri that the government should be formed away from the dominance of political parties and wills.

“The Sayirum coalition did not nominate anyone for a position in the government lineup, and the rest of political powers, including the Badr Organization, must follow the same lead,” Al-Zamli added.