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KDP, other political powers meet next week to choose Barzani's successor

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Masoud Barzani

The Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) will meet next week with other political powers in order to discuss the formation of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and to restore the post of the president, an MP at the Kurdish Parliament told The Baghdad Post on Thursday.

MP Rebwar Babkaye praised Nechirvan Barzani as the only one that can be the President, as a successor to Masoud Barzani.

“Nechirvan is a heavy politician in both Erbil and Baghdad; he is diplomatic and deserves to be the president,” Babkaye said, pointing out that KDP prefers to discuss this issue with other political powers, however, it has the merit as a majority party to impose its vision.

Head of the KDP Masoud Barzani has stepped down as president of Kurdistan in November 2017, following the independence referendum of Kurdistan, where Kurdish people decided to split from the federal government in Baghdad.