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Siemens provides plan to end Iraq's electricity crisis

German company Siemens said on Thursday that it hoped to get the approval of the Iraqi government to implement the roadmap for the rehabilitation of electricity in Iraq.

Musab al-Khateeb, Siemens' chief executive in Iraq, said in a press statement that the roadmap is not a project, but several strategic electric projects to solve the problems of electricity in Iraq.

Khateeb explained that the road map is composed of short, medium and long-term projects, where there are many projects to meet the demand in the field of electricity.

He pointed out that the former Iraqi government headed by Haider al-Abadi and the current government headed by Adil Abdul Mahdi welcomed the plan Siemens had laid out.

The roadmap will be based on four basic pillars: energy, education, fighting corruption and financing, meaning that the Iraqi citizen is at the center of this plan and represents its driving force, Khateeb said.

Last September, Siemens launched a strategic work plan to add 11 kW of electricity to the local power grid over a four-year period.

Iraq's electricity crisis reportedly started last July when Iran decided to cut electricity and fuel supplies. Over $40 billion was spent on electricity in the country. However, the crisis continues to anger citizens due to mismanagement by energy ministries in consecutive governments.

Iraqi citizens in the capital Baghdad can get about 20 hours of electricity a day, while other provinces can only get about 12 hours. 
Last Modified: Friday، 07 December 2018 01:04 AM