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Temporary curfew in Fallujah after seizing bombed car

Security forces

Security forces in Fallujah imposed a curfew on Thursday, after capturing a bombed car.

The authorities are combing the of Fallujah, Anbar Governorate searching for another bombed car, after receiving intelligence information affirms that.

The curfew is temporary, until they find the other bombed car.

Anbar security forces arrested a suicidal militant driving a bombed car at Fallujah on Thursday.




Deadly ISIS mines still threatening lives in Iraq: report

In the former ISIS stronghold of Fallujah, the legacy of extremism lingers in the form of unexploded landmines Shuhada school sits on what was one of Iraq's most violent frontlines, in the former ISIS stronghold of Fallujah, The Guardian said in a report on Thursday.