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Iraqi protesters don yellow vests after Paris riots

Protesters chant slogans in front of the provincial council building during a demonstration demanding better public services and jobs in Basra. (AP)
Citizens in Basra have renewed protests over poor services by donning yellow vests similar to those worn by French protesters marching against proposed diesel tax hikes.

Hundreds of Iraqis wearing high visibility jackets marched in Basra on Tuesday to call for improved services in the country's oil-rich south, where electricity and water are sporadic and unemployment is high.

The adoption of yellow vests as a symbol of discontent was a reference to recent violent demonstrations in France, which forced President Emmanuel Macron to back down over a proposed tax increase on diesel fuels.

Protesters burned car tires and chanted slogans outside Basra's provincial council building as riot police forces were deployed to contain the demonstrations, after recent marches led to violence and deaths.

Unverified footage on social media shows protesters throwing objects, and during ensuing clashes; there were reports of live fire being used to disperse the crowd.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 05 December 2018 12:32 PM