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Floods striking Mosul reveals government's failure

abdul mahdi
Following the disaster of Shirqat, Nineveh and Salahuddin cities just a week ago, a new disaster occurred in Mosul through floods and torrential rain. Surprisingly, the city is familiar with it every winter. However, the government used to ignore the whole thing.

 The floods of Mosul are terrible and devastating. The response of the government came as usual via ignoring and neglecting the matter.

Experts say the failure of Abdul Mahdi's government to deal with the rain and flood crisis underscores its inability to deal with its first test regarding obstacles facing Iraqi people.

Nineveh MP Mansour al-Mareed called for declaring state of emergency in the province due to the floods which have resulted in the killing of 4 civilians, including a child, according to preliminary reports.

Floods, damage

Nineveh was severely damaged by heavy rains, which flooded the areas adjacent to roads and low areas, Mareed said in a statement, calling for a state of emergency in the province.

He stressed the need for joint coordination between the central government, international organizations and local government in the province to develop clear plans under specific signatures for the reconstruction of the province, including the restoration of infrastructure, such as sewage networks to address floods.

Iraqi authorities on Sunday declared a state of emergency after flash flooding and torrential rainfall battered Nineveh, further exacerbating the plight of the war-torn province.

In a statement, the provincial government urged "residents to stay away from the valley corridor as rescue teams are trying to take people out of the flooded areas".

Rainfall swept through several districts inside Nineveh's capital Mosul, as well as the south of the province, where eyewitnesses said the water level had risen to seven meters in Gassab Valley.

Earlier, at least six people, including children, died from heavy rains in Wasit province, bordering Iran. Floods also flooded 70 percent of al-Faw town, south of Basra, and drowned more than 150 homes.

Successive central governments in Iraq have failed to build dams to protect locals from forced migration and the sinking of their property in frequent floods that occur every year.

Experts said that the sinking of Mosul again with rain water and floods, while the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi is helpless for the second time reveals a terrible failure in dealing with the crises facing Iraqi.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 04 December 2018 12:06 PM