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15 MPs officially reject Jarba for defense portfolio

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Fifteen Parliament Members of the National (Al-Wataniya) Coalition, most notably MP Muthanna al-Samarrai, announced on Sunday, rejecting the nomination of Faisal al-Jarba for the defense portfolio.

They called on the Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi not to stick to "personal desires," affirming also the need to give Abdul Mahdi full freedom to choose patriotic and efficient persons for the remaining ministries.

Around fifteen MPs from National list rejected the  nomination of Jarba, the former pilot officer in the squadron of the former head of the Defense portfolio, a statement signed by fifteen National Coalition MPs read.

In light of the attempt of some MPs of the National List to solely take the political decision and disrespect the right of the majority of the existing MPs in terms of the nomination of qualified persons to take over the defense portfolio, we confirm that Jarba still has a judicial obstacle on his constitutional eligibility for the defense minister post, the statement added.


Last Modified: Monday، 03 December 2018 01:14 AM