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Basra protesters inform Abdul Mahdi of their demands: Nasrawi

Fierce clashes have erupted between security forces and dozens of protesters outside an oil company in the oil-rich Iraqi city of Basra over high unemployment rates in the country.

One of the demonstrations coordinators, Salam al-Nasrawi, said the recent demonstrations witnessed a number of deaths and injuries, adding that this cannot be ignored during negotiations with Abdul Mahdi.

Nasrawi further added that protesters have submitted their demands to Abdul Mahdi, pointing out that the government should allow the popular movements to act without besieging demonstrators by army forces and soldiers.

They also called on him to protect them from being hit and to fulfill the promises made by the government regarding clean drinking water and the limiting soaring unemployment rates.

During Abdul Mahdi's meeting with the MPs representing Basra in the House of Representatives, Abdul Mahdi referred to the rage of citizens shown in the continued protest, affirming that all citizens have the right to express their opinion and objection, and the government should respect this opinion, as long as they remain "peaceful protests."
Last Modified: Thursday، 29 November 2018 03:21 PM