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Sadr's assassination: Plot by Qatar, Iran to add to Iraq's chaos

Muqtada al-Sadr rejected on Thursday that Salim al-Jubouri and Faleh al-Fayadh be granted the posts of the defense and interior ministers respectively.

The situation has suddenly changed in Iraq as some politicians and sources revealed a Qatari-Iranian plot to assassinate leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr for his national rejection of Jubouri and Fayadh and his insistence on appointing independents to the key ministries.

For his part, Sadr criticized the political blocs for disagreements over the ministries of defense and interior, stressing that he would accept only two independent ministers for these two ministries.

Jubouri, Fayadh

Differences in Iraq have intensified over the security ministries, while the Parliament postponed a session scheduled to complete the vote on the remaining ministers to a next week session.

Sadr said that he will not accept a defense or interior minister who is not independent, adding that such stance will preserve Iraq, its independence and its pride, and make the Iraqi decision come from within the borders, not from outside.

Sadr asked Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to accelerate the introduction of the remaining ministers except for the ministers of interior and defense. Concerning the two ministries, Sadr also asked Abdul Mahdi to open the door of nomination for the great leaders who liberated the Iraqi lands from ISIS.


For his part, Mithal al-Alusi, a former Iraqi parliamentarian and head of the Umma party, issued warnings of an Iranian-Qatari move to assassinate the Shiite cleric because he stood against the nomination of Jubouri and Fayadh.

Alusi stressed the need for the Iraqi government, and all political and other parties, to provide full protection to Sadr. Experts said the Qatari-Iranian plans aimed at bringing chaos to Iraq.
Last Modified: Thursday، 29 November 2018 04:05 PM