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IMIS confiscate most of Mosul's territories from citizens

Devastation in Mosul

The Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) continue their terrorism in the Iraqi city of Mosul in Nineveh province by confiscating most of city’s territories by force. This doubles the struggle of Mosul’s local residents, who have suffered enough since the war against ISIS due to lack of services and the state’s negligence of the people’s needs.

Mosul was the city most affected by the war against ISIS that took place in 2017, where most of its territories were damaged by the Iraqi army's shelling against the terrorist organization. International organizations have reported that the city needs tens of millions of dollars for reconstruction.

Eighteen months after the end of war against ISIS, bodies of dead people are still buried under the rubble; however, residents of Mosul who returned to their homes after the war have started to return to their normal activities in the city through their own efforts, with minimum aid from the state.

The people of Mosul have lost everything in the war, including their trade, money, houses, etc., and yet they try to restore their normal life through voluntarily campaigns organized by Mosul activists with limited support by the government in Baghdad that was supposed to lift the remnants of the war.

Reports of activists in Mosul have confirmed that the terrorist IMIS militias had used the Mosul's widespread lands, which were allocated for different economic and investment activities, and confiscated them from the local residents, either by force or bribes.

The militias that have formed following a fatwa given by Iraqi Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani in the summer of 2014 to fight terrorism are now terrorizing the people of Mosul on the government’s watch, with no hope of the residents confronting them since the militias arrest anyone who confronts them under the pretext of being ISIS members; not to mention that the militias also bear arms, unlike the people of Mosul. All this occurs with the blessing of Iraq's legal institutions.

“IMIS militias have split dozens of significant sites in Mosul among themselves. Most of them are trade sites related to the old city,” a citizen told The Baghdad Post under the condition of anonymity. “One of the sites used to be a large mall and a multi-floor parking lot,” the citizen added, affirming that they dominate the territories through affiliated businessmen.

The future planning of the city is divided between lands allocated for services, like schools, hospitals or public parks; however, most of them were illegally sold to IMIS-affiliated persons with governmental contracts, which prompted the local council of Nineveh to issue legislation prohibiting the use of lands for different activities, according to citizens’ reports.

The IMIS militias have also confiscated tons of scrap metal from cars and houses damaged in the war against ISIS, which brought them lots of profits at the expense of the citizens.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 27 November 2018 11:01 PM