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US sanctions expose Iran's mediator to transfer oil to Syria

Syrian businessman Mohammed Amer al-Shweiki

The recent US Treasury sanctions against Iran and Hezbollah has exposed te role of individuals and entities helping Iran to transfer its oil to Syria, like the Syrian businessman Mohammed Amer al-Shweiki, who has been involved in mediating between the Iranian regime and other governments through his Moscow-based company "Global Vision Group."


Shweiki's contributions were valuable to the financing of the Iranian militias in Syria and Lebanon.

The US Treasury has listed the Global Vision Group among the US sanctions list, as it has been proven to have extensive activity in the Russian oil sector, through which it can transfer Iranian oil to Syria.

Sources affirmed that Shweiki is the link between Hezbollah militia and the Iranian Central Bank to send hundreds of millions of dollars to the militia's leader, Mohammad Qasir, who is also on the US sanctions list.

Global Vision Group uses a group of ships, in coordination with the National Iranian Oil Company, to secure oil transfer and its revenues from and to Syria, in coalition with a Russian company. Iran also sends funds to Russia, through Shweiki's company.

Last Modified: Saturday، 24 November 2018 01:10 AM