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Human rights botch: Attacking Saudi Arabia at expense of 100,000 lives

IMIS terrorists

Human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch are supposed to be independent organizations focused on human rights, not politicized organizations promoting the political agenda of a terrorist regime; however, a recent biased report from Human Rights Watch attacking Saudi Arabia serves the interests of Qatar and Iran at the expense of Iraqis and Syrians.

Human Rights Watch recently reopened an old file regarding the possible torture of one women’s rights activist detained in Saudi Arabia. This reopened old report comes to serve Qatar’s interests at a time when the terrorist-supporting regime is increasing its attacks against the Saudi kingdom.

While Human Rights Watch is putting the spotlight on the unconfirmed report of the torture of one person in an attempt to paint the Saudi monarchy in a negative image at the behest of Qatar, the organization glosses over the 100,000 Iraqis and Syrians killed or kidnapped by the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), the Shiite terrorist militias operating in Iraq and Syria with the backing of Qatar’s allies in Tehran.

Since the inception of the IMIS, these Iranian-backed militias have been scourging predominantly Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria, where they have killed or kidnapped more than 100,000 people. Iran and the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad created the IMIS to sow fear, chaos and sectarian discord throughout the region, as well as to create an Iranian corridor from Tehran to Damascus, which serves to increase the mullah regime’s ability to spread its revolution and terrorism.

How can Human Rights Watch truly claim to be concerned with human rights when it is serving the interests of terrorists bent on human destruction?