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Global Firepower ranks US army as world's strongest


Global Firepower, a military specialist website, has compiled the new annual rankings for the world's most powerful armies in 2018.

Not only does the classification assess armies according to the total number of weapons an army has, but also according to how diverse these weapons are, Global Firepower said.

The US military maintained first place internationally, while the Egyptian army ranked first in the Arab world and the 12th internationally. The Algerian army occupies the 23rd position in the ranking, while the Saudi military occupies the 26th position.

The Iraqi army rose 12 positions compared to the previous ranking to occupy the 47th position.

According to Global Firepower, the first five armies maintained their positions unchanged. Russia was second only to the United States, followed by China, India and France.

The classification included 136 countries. Three new armies appeared in the 2018 ranking, namely Ireland, Montenegro and Liberia.


Last Modified: Thursday، 22 November 2018 11:10 PM