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Mass emigration of intellectual Iranian students: reports

Iraq university students

Iranian reports revealed an increase in the number of Iranian higher education students who emigrate outside Iran amid the repression and deteriorated economic conditions the country is witnessing.

An Iranian newspaper observed the phenomenon of emigration among the students in both public education and higher education in Iran, believing that it is the government that drives them to emigrate by suppressing them.

In the field of education in Iran, over 67 percent of Iranian students wish to complete their studies abroad, and 20 percent of them are ready to return to Iran after completing their studies, the newspaper said.

It also indicates that many of the cleverest university graduates and students who have secondary education degrees emigrate abroad or are waiting for approval to emigrate.

Iran has not faced such a massive emigration wave and displacement of its citizens for over 3,000 years, the newspaper said, adding that emigrants often involve special students, the newspaper said.

States that face weakness in the ideology and the philosophy of governance prefer that conscious and critical segment leave, because these non-ruling elites compete theoretically and practically with the ruling regime.


Last Modified: Thursday، 22 November 2018 02:26 AM