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Iraqi warplanes kill 40 ISIS terrorists in Syria

Iraqi warplanes killed on Tuesday 40 ISIS members in a couple of airstrikes in eastern Syria, the military said in a statement.

Iraqi F-16 jets targeted in the first air raid a weapons depot of the militant group in the city of al-Susah in Deir al-Zour, where they killed ten insurgents, news outlets reported Wednesday.

The Iraqi aircrafts conducted another airstrike in the eastern Deir al-Ziur's al-Baghuz town, killing 30 ISIS extremists and destroying their building.

The strikes, the statement read, “targeted an arms depot in the Al-Bukmal district, where a number of terrorists had been holed up."

"The two targets were completely destroyed and our aircraft returned safely to their bases," the statement read.  

This has prompted Baghdad to beef up its forces along the Syrian border to prevent Daesh terrorists from infiltrating into Iraqi territory.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 21 November 2018 12:50 PM