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Lamiya Bashar: Yazidi girl kidnapped, raped, sold by ISIS


Lamiya Bashar, a Yazidi girl, told her story of when she was kidnapped by ISIS along with other 59 girls and was raped when she was only 9 years old by one of the terror group's members.

ISIS moved the girls from Mosul to Syria.

During her meeting with Egyptian presenter Wael al-Ebrashy, Bashar said that ISIS was interested in training male children to join them, along with adopting girls for sex.

She pointed out that she saw an Iraqi doctor raping a 9-year-old girl, as ISIS did with her and other girls, adding that ISIS was selling girls back to their parents after they raped them.

She said that she wanted to kill herself when she was raped in front of her sister, pointing out that ISIS considers the Yazidis disbelievers, so they allow the rape of Yazidi women.

She said she does not know where her mother is after the latter had been abducted for four years, adding that she is the only survivor of the kidnapped girls.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 20 November 2018 09:52 PM