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Islamic terrorism in Europe: rising number, late solution


Not every problem has a solution and if there is only one, it may lie in the distant future, says John Wyles, a political thinker in the politico.

While Europe and the European Union are keen on preserving the rights of the residents of the European countries including Muslims, there are minority of extreme Muslims who work against the norms of democracy inside Europe under this cover.

A Turkish German journalist said in March that the European Union is not fighting hard enough against the rising tide of extremism, asserting that Europeans have been abandoned.

The lawyer demanded shutting radical mosques, calling for European governments to address the thorny issue of foreign funding of Islamist extremism.

“The European Union is not putting enough effort into combating rising far-left, far-right and religious extremism," Seyran Ates, a Muslim feminist and human rights campaigner said.


In the UK Muslim women are told Islam is attacked and extremism is ok




Islamic terrorism in Europe 

Islamic State or Al-Qaeda operatives as well as Islamist lone wolves have been responsible for Islamic terrorism in Europe since the late 20th century.

Following 2014, there was a rise in Islamic terrorist activity in Europe. The years 2014–16 saw more people killed by Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe than all previous years combined, and the highest rate of attack plots per year. Most of this terrorist activity was inspired by Islamic State, and many European states have had some involvement in the military intervention against it. 

2015 Paris attacks

The November 2015 Paris attacks were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks. They occurred on November 13, 2015 in Paris. A number of 130 people were killed in the attacks most of them were killed at the Bataclan theatre. While there were over 400 people injured, about 100 of them were seriously injured. Amid the attacks, seven attackers were also killed. They are the deadliest attacks France has witnessed since the Second World War.

2015 Copenhagen shootings

Several shootings took place on February 14,15 of the same year in Denmark's Copenhagen. Two people and the attackers were killed. Five police officers were also injured.

A man opened fire at an event at Krudttønden organized by Lars Vilks, known for his controversial drawings of Muhammad. Later, a Jewish man was shot outside the Great Synagogue. The attacker was later shot dead by police. Europol classified the attack as jihadist terrorism.


2017 Marseille attack

Two women cousins were attacked by an illegal immigrant from Tunisia using a knife on October 1, 2017.

 Patrolling soldiers shot him dead at the scene. French police were cautious as to whether it was a terrorist attack. 

ISIS later claimed responsibility, a claim which French intelligence services described as "opportunistic".

The prosecutor opened an investigation for "murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise". Europol classified the attack as jihadist terrorism.


The spread of radical Islam like witnessed in the video is threatening Europe after it engendered the Middle East and in which a number of countries including Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain witnessed insecurity and instability.


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