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YouTube offers free, ad-supported movies

YouTube is borrowing a page from Vudu's playbook, in a manner of speaking. AdAge has confirmed that the Google video service quietly started adding free, ad-supported movies to its "Movies & Shows" section in October, Engadget reported on Sunday.

The roughly 100-title collection largely revolves around old or unspectacular movies that are long past their money-making prime, such as Legally Blonde, Agent Cody Banks and the original Terminator.

As AdAge observes, this could be in part about creating a more tempting target for advertisers. YouTube knows some companies are reluctant to run ads alongside some of its user-uploaded video, especially after incidents where ads were linked to hate speech clips.

YouTube already places ads in videos which is one of the ways that creators can earn money, but the company has declined to disclose what kind of split YouTube might be using with studios versus creators, although we imagine that it will most likely be very different.

They also are not the latest blockbusters either, but if viewers want something that they can watch for free legally, it could be worth checking out.

Last Modified: Sunday، 18 November 2018 02:28 PM