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Abdul Mahdi waives by resignation to ease political blocks pressure

Adil Abdel-Mahdi
Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi

Senior political analyst Nadim al Jabri considered on Sunday that Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi may be threatening to resign to ease the pressure imposed on him by the political blocs.

He stressed that any attempts by the Fatah Alliance or Alliance towards Reforms to break the will of each other will lead to serious consequences.

The Iraqi prime minister has been threatening to resign from his position due to political confrontations among the parties over ministerial posts in his government.

“Currently, the turmoil within the political scene is directly affecting the government’s formation process. While in the past, there was one large political bloc that used to enforce its vision in one form or another.

“Currently, there are two large blocs, namely the Fatah Alliance and the Alliance Towards Reforms, and none of them want to break the other’s will as all parties know that this will lead to serious consequences,” al Jabri said.

Mahdi has settled on 70 percent of the remaining ministries, Spokesman for the coalition of State of Law, Abbas al-Musawi said, suggesting that he would submit the cabinet to the Parliament next week.

Musawi said that submitting the names of the remaining minister might take place during the next parliament session.

Abdul Mahdi has to go to parliament to submit all the names he has or at least submit those who have been agreed on so far, adding that "staying halfway without giving names or to demanding the political blocs to change them will negatively reflect on the status of the political process and the government.

Abdul-Mahdi has not asked political blocs so far to replace disputed candidates, Musawi said, adding that there is almost consensus on the importance of submitting names to the Parliament and then to let the Parliament take the final decision.

Last Modified: Sunday، 18 November 2018 02:04 PM