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Water salinity significantly declines in Shatt al-Arab: Water Min.

Shatt al-Arab water
The Ministry of Water Resources announced that the salinity of the waters in Shatt al-Arab has significantly reduced due to the abundance of rainfall and flooding.

Minister of Water Resources Jamal Al-Adli said in a press statement that the salinity of the Shatt al-Arab water was 75 percent lower than it had been in the past few days, adding that he expects the salinity will continue to decline.

He added that the ministry is continuing to release sufficient quantities of water towards the Shatt al-Arab area in an attempt to benefit from the flood waters coming from the eastern side of the country.

The Shatt al-Arab region and other areas of Iraq have been suffering from high levels of salinity recently, largely from the drought conditions that had plagued the country, as well as from waste water coming from Iran. Recent heavy rains, however, have caused massive flooding throughout parts of the Middle East, including in Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait.