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Abdil Mahdi to sell Iraq to Tahran and Doha: Soleimani

the Iraqi politician Adel Abdul Mahdi
Iraq's Prime Minster, Adel Abel Mahdi

“We have information that Revolutionary Guard General Qassem Soleimani is the one who chose Adil Abdul Mahdi to head the government,”  writer and political analyst Ghaleb Shahbandar said on Saturday.

Shahbandar added in press remarks that Soleimani has planned to nominate Abdul Mahdi six months ago to implement the agendas of Tehran, claiming that Abdul Mahdi is now on his way to "sell Iraq to Iran and Qatar."

“The last visit of Qatar’s foreign minister to Baghdad came as a part of Abdul Mahdi’s plan to sell Iraq to Tahran and Doha,” Shahbandar concluded.

Iraq’s new Prime Abdul Mahdi took the oath of office last month along with 14 ministers.

Last Modified: Saturday، 17 November 2018 02:42 PM