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Riyadh denounces Iran's human rights violations, persecution of minorities

file photo: Iran Executed More Than 500 People Last Year for Drug-Related Crimes
Saudi Arabia asserted that Iran's persecution of Sunni and ethnic minorities is just an extension of its aggressive approach in ethnic cleansing in Syria, its support of the Houthi militia in Yemen, its embrace of Hezbollah's terrorist militia in Lebanon and finally, its sponsorship of terrorism around the world.

This came in a speech delivered by the Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Maalami, on Thursday.

The Saudi official also condemned Khamenei's regime execution of 21 young Ahvazi over charges of being involved in the Ahvaz attack against IRGC elements in September. He also denounced the regime's confiscation of farmers’ lands.

"In light of all the above, the Kingdom has to vote in favor of the UN resolution on the human rights situation in Iran," Maalami said.

"The Kingdom underlines the sovereign right of states to determine their judicial systems and penal provisions, while believing in the need to limit the application of death sentences, in cases of extreme necessity."

Maalami also demanded that Iran stops harboring terrorists including Hezbollah, ISIS, and Qaeda fighters.

Persecution of minorities

Iranian authorities executed by hanging a young Kurdish woman, Sharareh Eliasi, at the Central Prison of Sanandaj over charges of murder, Iran Human Rights Monitor said.

Eliasi, 27, had been imprisoned for five years until she was executed on Tuesday.

According to Human Rights Monitor, Iran is the world’s leading per capita executioner. It also holds the record in the execution of women and minors. 

Over 3,600 people have been executed under President Hassan Rouhani, the monitor said, adding that Eliasi is the 85th woman to be executed under his presidency.

Persecution of Ahvazi

The executive committee for the restoration of legitimacy of the Arab Ahvaz state condemned earlier in November the crime reportedly committed by the Iranian regime, concerning the execution of over 20 young people from Iran's Ahvaz.

Aref al-Kaabi, head of the Executive Committee, described the decision by the Iranian regime as a "crime committed under the pretext of involvement in the Ahvaz incident."

"Ahvaz people are the top victim of this terrorist state (Iran)," Kaabi said, adding that Iran practices terrorism on daily basis. He further added that the 22 people reportedly executed had been arrested from all Ahvaz cities, and were executed without a verdict.

Iran executed about 22 people, according to unconfirmed reports, over accusations of carrying out an attack on a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahwaz. ISIS formerly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Some of the families of those allegedly executed were informed by the Revolutionary Court, according to sources.
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