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Abdul Mahdi unable to complete cabinet soon: MP

Adil Abdul Mahdi

Building Coalition MP Abdul Amir Taiban al-Dabbi said that Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi will not be able to complete his ministerial cabinet soon due to differences between the political blocs as to who should head the defense and interior ministries.

Dabbi said in a press statement that Abdul Mahdi will submit six candidates for the remaining ministries in his cabin but will not be able to provide candidates for the posts of interior and defense ministers.

He stated, "The political differences still continue on the candidates for the ministries, so the completion of the ministerial cabinet will be delayed,” adding that Abdul Mahdi is expected to submit candidates for six ministerial portfolios next week.

"The prime minister is in intensive discussions in an attempt to bring together the views and decide the candidates for the ministries," Dabbi affirmed.