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Salih's visits to Gulf states could change diplomatic relations


Iraqi President Barham Salih's visits to Gulf states are a new gateway to an actual change in diplomatic relations, analysts told The Baghdad Post.

Iraq enters a new phase with neighboring Arab countries through Barham Salih's visits to a number of Gulf States, which started with Kuwait and then the UAE, and will probably also include Saudi Arabia.

This is the first visit by Salih to the Gulf States since he took office. This comes amid tensions in the Middle East over the US sanctions against Iran.

Analysts believe that Salih's visits, which followed visits carried out by Muqtada al-Sadr and other Iraqi political figures, are aimed at finding an alternative to Iran, especially after economic sanctions were imposed on the latter.

The US sanctions have threatened the Iraqi economy, which heavily depends on Iran, analysts added to The Baghdad Post.

Iraq has played the role of mediator between the Gulf states and Iran, but it seems that this did not work, perhaps because the international influences were greater than Iraq's mediation efforts, and perhaps the US had another opinion, analysts said.

Iran may be looking for new mediation, analysts said, adding that Iraq will be the best mediator, as it has good relations with everyone.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 14 November 2018 08:48 PM