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Gaza attacks: Qatari funds, Iranian orders


Hamas fired dozens of missiles at Israel to distract the attention away from the Qatari funds it has received and to save Iran, observers say.

Why did Hamas fire rockets at Israeli settlements at this moment?

Sending bags stuffed with millions of dollars into the Gaza Strip through Israel in the car of Qatari Ambassador Mohammed al-Emadi confirms that Hamas is willing to do anything in exchange for the Qatari regime's funds and the continuation of its control over the Gaza Strip, sources said.

Claiming that they represent Palestinian resistance is not consistent with agreeing to receive the salaries of its members after the approval of Israel, sources said.

The sources said that throwing stones at the convoy of Emadi came after he offered a settlement to the leaders of Hamas, adding that some elements refused the settlement, and some of them were assassinated.

Clear Iranian operation

What Hamas is doing in the Gaza Strip is a clear Iranian operation. Hamas has no purpose it wants to achieve by striking Israel now or even in the past years. However, Khamenei wants to distract the attention away from Tehran so he can smuggle oil and circumvent US sanctions.

Truce excluded

The observers also noted that Hamas is not expected to agree to any truce with Israel now and may continue firing rockets for a long time.

Qatar: Godfather of the crisis

The observers also blamed Qatar for the escalation and war, saying that the Qatari regime is the godfather of the Palestinian and Israeli victims who will be killed due to the ongoing war in Gaza between Hamas and Israel. They paid the salaries of the Hamas elements to continue their Iranian missions inside Palestine.

They stressed that the coming hours would witness Hezbollah militia confronting Israel.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 14 November 2018 12:56 AM