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300 Bangladeshi workers suffer with no water, pay in Qatari labor camp


Around 300 Bangladeshi migrant workers have not been paid since May and are struggling in a Qatari labor camp that has no services, Daily Star reported.

They are part of hundreds of South Asian migrant workers employed by Hamtons International, an estate agent chain with over 85 branches worldwide.

They have tried several times to obtain their dues, but their attempts have failed. Currently, a non-profit organization grants the workers two meals a day.

Workers die from stroke

A Bangladeshi and a Nepalese worker died from stroke in the camp, a Bangladeshi worker said. Workers need to go to another camp as the camp they are currently staying in has no electricity or running water, he added.

The worker complained that most of the workers frequently suffer from abdominal pain and have to call the ambulance.

“The workers have not received any payment in the last six months. They are passing days in anxiety as their families back home depend on them,” the Bangladeshi worker said.

No change

Qatar-based organizations working for workers' rights have come up with similar accounts over the condition in the camp. 

The workers saw no change in their situation, despite formal complaints filed in September, Migrant-Rights noted.

Complaints have been filed with the Qatar police and Labor Ministry, National Human Rights Committee, International Labor Organisation's Qatar office, Qatar Red Crescent, and Qatar Charity.

“Over the last few weeks, the authorities had promised the workers of resolving the issue over unpaid wages. But no sign of meeting the promise has been seen although three deadlines have passed,” Migrant-Rights said.


Qatar has been accused multiple times over the slave-like conditions of its thousands of migrant workers, which has caused countries and human rights organizations around the world to condemn Qatar's human rights abuses and call for ending the country's dreams of hosting the World Cup in 2022.

Last Modified: Monday، 12 November 2018 10:26 PM