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Abbas accuses Hamas of ‘conspiring against the state’

Abbas accuses Hamas of ‘conspiring against the state’
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denounced Sunday the American-Israeli conspiracy to implement the “Deal of the Century” and accused Hamas of disrupting the establishment of the Palestinian state.

He made his remarks during a speech at a ceremony marking 14 years since the death of leader Yasser Arafat.

“There is an American conspiracy through the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Israelis are conspiring to implement it,” he said. 

“Another plot, by Hamas, aims to disrupt the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.”

He added that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) recently made decisive resolutions regarding its relations with all other parties, stressing that the “Deal of the Century” does not fulfill the Palestinians' aspirations and dreams.

No Palestinian who will betray the Palestinian cause or agree to plot against it, he stressed.

Abbas said Palestinians were living through “one of the most dangerous stages” in their history and that they were still contending with the “conspiracy” of the Balfour Declaration.

"None of our people will forget that Yasser Arafat was independent in taking Palestinian decisions. He maintained this despite all the obstacles and plots," Abbas said. 

"No one will forget that Arafat is the one who said the PLO is the sole and legitimate representative of our Palestinian people."